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Interview prep:
Engineering roles
Our selected preparation resources
There are tons of fantastic resources on preparation for engineering interviews. During our preparation, we reviewed a few dozen of them. In this chapter, we provide a list of the most useful ones.
The starting point
If you're preparing for your first interview at top tech companies - read Cracking the Coding Interview. It is the most important book you'll need. It covers everything, from preparation to behavioral interviews, algorithms, and preparation tips.
Read it and absorb it as much as possible. If you don't have much background in Computer Science, this book gives all the theory you'll ever need. Feel free to skip practice from the book.
Coding interview
Preparation for the coding interview is all about practice. It's like sport: if you practice - you get the result; if not - you rely on luck. In my case, I was solving problems on the Leetcode until the moment I could grab any random question and solve it in 30 mins. For reference, in my last preparation session, I've solved 175 problems.
The coding interview is like sport. If you practice - you get the result. If not - you rely on luck.
Resources I've used:
  • Leetcode Learn - is a great resource to recap algorithms theory quickly. Content is very dense; therefore, it is great to brush up on CS knowledge. I've reviewed it a few days before the interviews to recall the theory from "Cracking the coding interview".
  • Leetcode Problems - has the biggest collection of algorithmic challenges. Leetcode, in my opinion, is the best website to practice.
System design interview
The key in preparing for the System Design interview is to learn how to structure your answer, what to focus on, and what to skip.

The primary resource that I've used for the preparation:
Behavioral interview
If you've been following our guide on CV preparation, you did most of the job to prepare for the behavioral interview. To finish the preparation, follow the content from Cracking the Coding Interview and Leetcode.

Additional resources
Coding Interview University is a massive collection of preparation resources from the guy who grew from self-taught web developer to Senior Engineer at Amazon. As for me, it was too much to go over all of it, but it is a great resource to check if you need to find a useful resource on specific topics, e.g., system design or Linux.
Action items

1. Read Cracking the Coding Interview. Absorb it - it's gold.

2. Practice coding challenges on Leetcode until you feel comfortable solving any problem in 30 mins.

3. Review The System Design Primer and Coding Interview University to find additional preparation resources.
In the next chapter, we'll share tips on self-confidence during your interviews