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Shortlist companies and open positions
Get your pipeline populated with positions to apply
From the previous chapters, you should already have your ideal company defined, a list of job titles, and filtering criteria for your ideal role.

In this chapter, we break down resources by the company's stage of growth. Your goal is to shortlist all roles from companies that match your criteria and add them to your application pipeline.

Corporates or big-tech

FANG is an obvious starting point, but Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are just the most famous mature tech companies. To find more big names, check the list of the most valuable tech companies and the list of unicorn startups. A few companies from the extended list of big tech: Apple, Airbnb, Microsoft, Adobe, Stripe, etc.

Other resources listing big-tech companies:

Hypergrowth startups

There are a lot of startups. It's nearly impossible to go through all of them and identify those few that are on the hypergrowth trajectory on your own. Luckily for us, there are pre-selected lists.

Our favorite breakout companies lists:

Other pre-selected lists

There are numerous lists of pre-selected companies for niche areas and specialized tools to shortlist companies by specific criteria.

Here are a few lists that we found useful:

Expanding the search for all tech startups

If the lists of big tech and breakout companies are not enough and you want to expand your search even further, you can use Crunchbase.

Crunchbase has one of the biggest collections of databases on everything tech: companies, people, investors, events, etc. They provide detailed company filters for more than 100 parameters; for instance, I've been using the following filters:

  • Not too big companies, so you can know everyone: 100-500 employees
  • Well funded, so you have stable income: Serries B, C, D
  • Still privately owned so that you can be part of the IPO or acquisition
  • Work in a specific industry: my expertise was Mobile
  • Headquarters located in areas I want to live in: London, Amsterdam

The tool is paid and quite expensive for our kind of research. They offer a free trial for 7 days that should be enough to find what we need. Alternatively, you can use a free version that limits search results to 5 companies.
Populate your pipeline with open positions that matched
Select the roles you want to apply and add to your pipeline. Once your roles are added to the pipeline, it's easier to prioritize where you should apply first. Here is an example of how your shortlist might look like in Notion:
Action items

1. Select the project management tool to keep track of your application pipeline: Trello, Notion, or feel free to use our Application Pipeline template in Google Sheets.

2. Go through the career pages of companies that match your criteria. Add open positions that match your ideal role to your application pipeline.
In the next chapter, you'll learn how to write your CV