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Welcome to Work for FANG!
Land a job at your dream company in less than six months!
Welcome to Work for FANG!
We are Yuliana and Vitaliy. We both landed jobs at our dream companies. We work for Google and Facebook, in marketing and engineering teams. And we live in central London now but both originally from Ukraine.
We wanted to |
How did two Ukrainians manage to land a job at FANG?
Our back story
We both worked in tech startups before. After a few years, we realized we wanted something bigger. We wanted to work for a bigger company, in a bigger city, and having a bigger role. At that time FANG was not on the radar at all. We just wanted something bigger than an early-stage startup.
There was no straightforward step-by-step guide. So we had to figure this out ourselves. By talking to right people, filtering the available information on the web, and experimenting with different approaches we eventually did this.

It took Vitaliy 3 months and Yuliana 6 months to sign the contract. Vitaliy spent two out of three months just on solving algorithms on Leetcode. Yuliana logged 380 hours in Toggl dedicated to job searches and the interview prep. Just imagine, two and half months of full-time working on your job applications only, and of course, free of charge.

But the reward is definetely worth all the efforts.
Great individuals were helping us along the way. We want to give it back.
Now officially
We are launching Work for FANG
A project to help great and talented folks to land a job at top tech companies. We want to provide you with our mentorship support, empower with curated content, and guide along the whole journey.
Land your dream job in less than 6 months!
Join the first cohort of senior professionals seeking for their next big role. We'll provide you with a full step-by-step guide to pursue your dream job in tech.