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Welcome to Work for FANG*!
We are Yuliana and Vitaliy. We both landed jobs at our dream companies. We work for Google and Facebook, in marketing and engineering teams. And we live in central London now but both originally from Ukraine.

We both worked in tech startups before wanted something bigger than an early-stage startup.

There was no straightforward step-by-step guide. So we had to figure this out ourselves. By talking to right people, filtering the available information on the web, and experimenting with different approaches we eventually did this.
* Although FANG stands for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google we're using this term to define a broader list of top tech copmanies like Intercom, GitLab, Stripe, Spotify, Slack and many many more.
We wanted to |
Great individuals were helping us along the way.
We want to give it back.
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