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How it works
Who this guide is for and how to use it
Landing a dream job is hard, but you don't have to be the smartest kid on a block to get there. We saw countless examples when excellent engineers, marketers, and product managers nail their job but fail the big tech companies' interviews.

We believe that work experience is essential but not enough to land a dream role. Preparation and a clear understanding of how the interviewing process works are just as important.

We went through the processes end to end, we failed interviews, we learned from mistakes, and prepared better next time. We landed our dream jobs at Google and Facebook and now want to give back to the community. We designed a guide to give you a framework on how to approach preparation, detail the interview process, and take actionable steps.
Target audience
  • People with 5+ years of experience. Some parts of the guide will be useful for interns and new grads, but the main focus is on experienced people.
  • Marketing and Engineering are the main focus, as that's our experience. Most sections apply to product roles as well.
  • People with experience from startups, agencies, outsourcing, and outstaffing companies. Basically, everyone who didn't work in the big tech before.
  • Your current location doesn't matter.
  • We call the project "Work for FANG," but it equally applies to any top tech company like Airbnb or Uber, where the interview process is very similar. If your goal is to join a startup at earlier stages, you may find that process is more straightforward.
We broke down the entire journey into steps. Each step has a set of articles to address a particular goal within each step. Each article has examples and action items to get closer to the goal.

The guide will be the most useful to those who are about to start looking for a job in tech. Each step builds on the results from the previous one.

If you're in the middle of the process, you may find some advice very specific to our approach. Still, there will always be generally applicable tips and resources to learn from.

The process may take anywhere from one to nine months, depending on your location and company. We prepared the content to support you at each stage of your journey.
Time commitment
Required time commitment depends on the timeline you defined for yourself. If you're ready to commit 3 hours every day - you may land a job in "N" months. Reduce it to 1.5 hours per day and it will take you double time. Daily time commitment depends on your situation.

The most important aspect of landing a job is a consistent time investment. Look at the journey as a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn't matter one or three hours a day if only you do it consistently every day.
The most important aspect of landing a job is a consistent time investment. Look at the journey as a marathon, not a sprint.
Quit or not?
Most likely you can do it in parallel with your current job, but you'll have to reprioritize your daily routines. For instance, I had to give up on a big part of going out for 3 months to find time for interview preparations.

Quitting your job to speed up the process is also an option, but keep in mind that:

  1. Some areas, like responses from recruiters, interview feedback, visas, etc do not depend on you. Those are impossible to speed up.
  2. We tend to underestimate the time needed for a job search. If you think that you can make it in 4 months, make sure you'll be comfortable staying without the paycheck for 8 months.
Get early access to curated content on how to land a dream job in tech.
This guide is NOT...
  • A list of tricks on how to quickly snap a job. You have to invest a considerable amount of time to succeed.
  • A list of hacks on how anyone can land a job in tech. You have to have relevant experience. We can only help you to showcase your existing skills.
  • A guide on how to move to a new country, there are much better resources out there.
  • A guide on how to get your first job. Some articles will be useful for interns and new grads, but we tailor the content for experienced people.

1. Guide is designed for people with 5+ years of experience, with a goal to join top tech companies or late-stage startups. But some articles may be useful for everyone.

2. We break down the job search into 4 steps, each with distinct goals. Each guide has step-by-step actions, examples, and additional resources to reach your goals.

3. Landing a job takes 1-9 months. Investing time into the process consistently is the most critical factor for success.
In the first chapter, you'll learn why job interviews are just like sales pipelines, why you should keep your CRM data tidy, and how it will help you track your applications progress.