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Where to get help
You're not alone on the interviewing journey.
You're not alone on the interviewing journey. There are always people with aligned interests around who are ready to help you with preparations.

In this chapter, we'll cover who can help you, how they can help, and when is the best time to ask for help.
Recruiters are your best friends, especially at the later stages. Usually, recruiters have the KPIs attached to the number of closed positions. When they see that you have a chance to succeed in the interview, they are willing to help you.

There are a few areas where recruiters can be helpful:

  • They can provide details on the interview structure and resources for preparation.
  • You can ask them for examples of questions.
  • You can ask why other candidates were rejected to avoid the common pitfalls.
  • In the later stages, you can even ask them to conduct the mockup interview with you.
Friends and referrals
Friends and especially those who referred you for the role, are always willing to help.

Our friends helped us with:

  • Running mockup interviews and providing feedback.
  • If your friends are working in Big Tech, you can ask specifics of the day-to-day job to prepare better. Keep in mind, most likely, your friends know interview questions, but it is a terrible idea to ask them to break the NDAs. Instead, ask them to point you to the publicly available information that may be helpful in preparation.
You can hire an agency that can help you with interview preparation. Usually, they take a percentage from your annual salary, so they are incentivized to help you as much as possible to get the best offer possible.

Agency services can cover anything, from tailored preparation materials to mockup interviews and salary negotiation strategies. We didn't use any of the agencies but listed a few examples in the chapter "How to apply".
It's obvious, but you have all Internet resources at your disposal to help with the preparation. Medium has endless articles on interview preparation. You can also read through and ask questions at Reddit, Glassdoor, or Quora; just take any answers there with a grain of salt.

1. You're not alone on the interview journey.

2. From our experience, friends and recruiters are the most valuable resources you have to succeed.
In the next chapter, we'll share preparation tips and resources for the marketing roles